Quiz: Weight Loss Dos and Don’ts

Quiz Weight Loss Dos and Don'ts

Losing weight is stressful for anyone, but it is not necessarily difficult, dangerous or inconvenient. With popular diets and vague advice, it can be difficult to know what works, what works for you, and what is easy. However, there are proven and reliable ways to lose weight. Whether you are trying to shape your body, or fighting or preventing health problems, there are reliable ways to achieve your goals. What should not be done to lose weight correctly!

We can do Quiz Dos and Don’ts for Weight Loss

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    Should you weigh yourself often?

    • Yes, it really helps
    • No, it’s too upsetting
    • it doesn’t matter
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    Which fats should you cut back on to lose weight?

    • Unsaturated fat
    • Saturated fat
    • All fats
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    To help lose weight faster, drink water when?

    • Mostly before noon
    • Before meals
    • After meals
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    If you eat too much lunch, should you skip dinner?

    • Yes
    • No
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    How long after eating should it take before you feel full?

    • 5-10 minutes
    • 10-15 minutes
    • 15-20 minutes
  • Question of

    To lose weight, plan every meal.

    • True
    • False
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    Why should you keep a food diary?

    • To help you track overall calories
    • To plan low-cal substitutions
    • To notice eating patterns
    • All of the above
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    Which carbs should you avoid to lose weight?

    • All carbs
    • As many carbs as possible
    • Carbs in processed foods
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    You can have all of this you want and still lose weight:

    • Diet soda
    • Plain vegetables
    • Grilled chicken
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    What should you do about fatty foods you love?

    • Banish them from your diet
    • Eat them in moderation
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    To lose weight faster

    • Sleep more
    • Sleep less

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